Match Replace – vRO Template handling

Using templates basically has the following advantages: – standardization – centralization – atomic template handling In this post an example with an eMail template is used. Of course, the method also works with scripts or similar tempaltes which take placeholders as variables and should be replaced at runtime. In relation to eMail templates it is… Continue reading Match Replace – vRO Template handling

Requirement Engineering with vRA

One does not simply, bring software developing processes to an infrastructure focused territory In this post I’ve tried to jot down one possible way with a highlevel view to have the activities between new ideas and delivery of new features sorted and organized in a requirement process, priorizied in a release management and developed in… Continue reading Requirement Engineering with vRA

Calculating CO2 Offset and KM to compensate

The diagram shows greenhouse gas emissions as GGE in grams per person mile travelled as PMT. While most obvious polution will orgin on operation, e.g. fuel consumption on motorized vehicles) this calculation will also take into account: manufacturing, maintenance, etc. GGE includes gases relevant for global climate change like: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous… Continue reading Calculating CO2 Offset and KM to compensate

vRA User Interactions hacks

A vRO / vRA “User Interaction” is a nice feature to have request data completed by several peers and / or gathering data which is not known during request time. To some extend this could also be used to approve a step during a provisioning or WF run. If a XaaS Blueprint or Resource Actions… Continue reading vRA User Interactions hacks

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Orphaned vRA User Interaction

Under followed circumstances an active vRA Manual User Interaction becomes orphaned. No vRO User Interaction will wait for this input form this point in time and vRA just displays the interaction with no content and no options to cancel, reject or submit this task.Only way to get rid of this orphaned Manual User Interaction described… Continue reading Orphaned vRA User Interaction

Giro di Pasqua 19

Stages: Day 1: Route: Domosdossola – Santa Maria Maggiore – Locarono – Monte Ceneri – LuganoDistance: 94kmElevation Gain: 2140mElevation Loss: 2093m Day 2: Route: Lugano – Mendrisio – Varese – Castelletto – Buffalora sopra TicinoDistance: 104kmElevation Gain: 829mElevation Loss: 1004m Day 3: Route: Buffalora – Novara – Vericelli – Crescentino – TorinoDistance: 124kmElevation Gain: 283mElevation… Continue reading Giro di Pasqua 19

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Custom Build #1

Components Frame: Bombtrack The Hook 2 (2018) (Size: 49cm) Brakes: Sram Rival 1 Hyd Disc Brake (f&r) Crank: Sram Rival 1 Crank 1×42 Cassette: Sram 11x Cassette 11-42 Chain: KMC X11 Chain 11x silver/black Bottom Bracket: Praxis Works Rear Derailleur: Sram Rival derailleur Type 3.0 – 11x Top cap: Sinewave Cycles Reactor (USB top cap)… Continue reading Custom Build #1

First tests with YOLOv3

YOLO (You only look once) provides a framework for realtime object detection which works for images and videos. Because of the method how the image is detected it’s called YOLO. YOLO is written based on Darknet (a open source neural network library). More information about the method and how YOLO works: First test with YOLOv3… Continue reading First tests with YOLOv3

Dismiss a vRA XaaS deployment

New introduced in vRA 7.5 there is single view for requests and deployments. This feature brings a lot of advantages. Now there is a possiblity to switch from the request to the deployed machine. This works fine for IaaS Blueprints which deploying components or machines. On a failed request you are even able to to… Continue reading Dismiss a vRA XaaS deployment