vmnic128 with new Cisco nenic driver + AutoDeploy

Following problems I was facing during the upgrade of vSphere 6.0 to 6.5 with Auto Deploy.
vCenter and it’s Auto Deploy services were upgraded properly and a new image of ESXi 6.5 with Cisco’s nenic 1.0.6 driver build.

Cisco changed their support between the versions 6.0 and 6.5 from enic to nenic.
In combination with Auto Deploy and Host Profiles, there is a possible failure which can occur.

After extracting a Host Profile this profile contains an alias for the PCI device of it’s NICs as shown in the following picture below.

If an ESXi host is booting with aliases defined it will name this NICs with vmnic128 and so on. It’s special that the numbering of NIC 0/1 – 3/4 aren’t affected by this change in naming. Anyway if the name of the aliases are manually changed to it’s actual state/name. And the ESXi is booted again with this ajusted host profile it will come up with the normal naming.
For instance:
nic nr.5 –> PCI alias changed to: vmnic128 –> after reboot: vmnic4
nic nr.6 –> PCI alias changed to: vmnic129 –> after reboot: vmnic5
nic nr.7 –> PCI alias changed to: vmnic130 –> after reboot: vmnic6
nic nr.8 –> PCI alias changed to: vmnic131 –> after reboot: vmnic7

The solution was to clear the alias configuration of this PCI devices after extraction.