First tests with YOLOv3

YOLO (You only look once) provides a framework for realtime object detection which works for images and videos. Because of the method how the image is detected it’s called YOLO. YOLO is written based on Darknet (a open source neural network library). More information about the method and how YOLO works: First test with YOLOv3… Continue reading First tests with YOLOv3

Dismiss a vRA XaaS deployment

New introduced in vRA 7.5 there is single view for requests and deployments. This feature brings a lot of advantages. Now there is a possiblity to switch from the request to the deployed machine. This works fine for IaaS Blueprints which deploying components or machines. On a failed request you are even able to to… Continue reading Dismiss a vRA XaaS deployment

Python Twitter Bot

Just created a twitter bot with python and tweepy (a python library to interact with twitter, which is following a defined set of users. This users are gathered from defined user’s followers. After a defined lease of days this followers are became unfollowed if they did not followed back during a new execution of the… Continue reading Python Twitter Bot

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vRO automated REST endpoint check

Use vRO action to check all configured REST endpoints in a automated fashion and receive a health state.– gathering information of configured REST endpoints of vRO– checking connectivity by telnet of each REST endpoint– report state by eMail based on return value of check– schedule Workflow for daily automated check and report