Selispitz – one of the calmest peaks

Possibly this was the last ski hike for this winter/spring for me.

Mount Selispitz is near Sarnen (Center of Switzerland, see map attached here). By public transport its starting point, Langis, is easy to reach. Most of the people starting there will head to Mount Fürstein, which has a nice view, but is quite busy in every weather and snow condition. For those who like to be at their own, but want to have nearly the same view to the peaks like (Hochstollen, Wetterhörner, Eiger, Jungfrau, etc.) Mount Seilspitz is a good option.

First heading south-east down to small dell (Ochsenalp), this decent is around 70 meters which needs to be done up again on the way back. Maybe a reason not that many people go this route. The slope up to the saddle never exceeds 30 degree of slope gradient, so it’s more or less save for avalanches.

A few meters east from the saddle the summit is reached, a stunning view to the valley and the peaks beyond becomes visible.

In spring conditions the slope down has already a good condition around 11-12am, due to the fact it’s exposed to the east and the sun is melting the top layer of the snow pack.

For sure I will go there again…