Orphaned vRA User Interaction

Under followed circumstances an active vRA Manual User Interaction becomes orphaned. No vRO User Interaction will wait for this input form this point in time and vRA just displays the interaction with no content and no options to cancel, reject or submit this task.
Only way to get rid of this orphaned Manual User Interaction described followed.

Caution: This steps include an update on vcac postgres database, which should be aligned with GSS support by a SR and have a proper backup of vcac database and or snapshot of the environment.

This applies to vRA 7.5.


  1. Login to vRA, access orphaned Manual User Interaction –> copy id of it from URL
  2. Memorize number of user interaction work item, displayed in Inbox > Manual User Interaction > Work Item
  3. Access vRA VA with root by SSH
  4. Change to postgres user with: su postgres
  5. Access postgres database called vcac with: psql vcac
  6. Executing delete statements as followed
  7. Verify if the Manual User Interactions is gone
delete from work_item_work_item_principal where "work_item_id" = ‘userInteractionUuid';
delete from work_item where "workitemnumber" = 'UserInteractionNumber' and "id" = userInteractionUuid'';